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On this week's show: How the riots in Belfast are about identity, corruption in the Himalayas and a survivor of 19 years in China's labor camps. Also, the Russian Gerard Depardieu, a transgender priest, a fish-seller turned YouTube star and a fateful trip that leads a Muslim to become a Jew.

Production team: Kate Laycock, Nancy Isenson and Thomas Schmidt.


Belfast identity, past and future

Rioters in Belfast have attacked police officers and caused millions of euros in damages. They are Protestants - also called unionists or loyalists - and the violence and destruction is all about a flag.

Report: John Sepulvado

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China's forced prison labor camps

China has said it will reform the forced labor prison camps. Harry Wu knows all about it. Arrested in 1960 at the age of 23 for expressing opinions critical of the People's Republic, he spent 19 years in the camps, called laogai. He's now one of the world's experts on them.

Interview: Kate Laycock

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Villager foils mafia plan for Himalayan town

A Kashmiri village finds itself in the grips of an unsavory scheme to enrich local government officials and private business interests at the expense of the local residents.

Report: Shahnawaz Kahn
Presenter: Joanna Impey

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Russian movie star Gerard Depardieu - really?

Gerard Depardieu made headlines by taking Russian citizenship in protest against French plans to hike taxes on the mega-rich. How are his antics going down in France and Russia?

Interview: Kate Laycock, John Laurenson, Geert Groot Koerkamp

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A life-changing journey from Muslim to Jew

Persian musician Eyal Mani's life turned upside-down when he accompanied his cancer-stricken mother to Israel. His trip took him across many a border - geographically, culturally, religiously and musically.

Report: Zak Rosen

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The Reverend Sarah Jones

In order to be true to her own sense of self, Sarah Jones had to do two things. The first was to change her gender. The second was to become a priest.

Report: Ashley Byrne

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From fish stall to record deal

Shahid Nazir arrived in London from Pakistan and got a job selling fish at one pound each. From these humble beginnings Shahid rocketed to national - even international - fame with his song "One Pound Fish." But his path to lasting stardom has begun looking rocky.

Report: Stephen Beard

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Audios and videos on the topic