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On this week's show: Fears grow for the safety of French hostages in Mali, an Eritrean activist broadcasts the screams of torture victims in the Sinai desert, the tech community mourns information activist Aaron Swartz and a Jewish mayoral candidate praises ethnic tolerance in Sarajevo.

Production team: Kate Laycock, Neil King, Nancy Isenson and Xenia Denzyk


Somewhere in Mali

As the French military goes to war with militant Islamist insurgents in Mali, the families of eight French hostages fear for the safety of their loved ones.

Analysis: John Laurenson

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Screams in the desert

Every day, Meron Estefanos listens to the voices of Eritreans held hostage by brutal torturers in the Sinai desert.

Remembering Aaron Swartz

How the life and death of one of the world's most influential programmers and information activists fits in with the ongoing struggle for freedom of the Internet.

Interview: Cyrus Farivar with clips from Aaron Swartz' 2012 address to the Freedom To Connect conference in Washington D.C.

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The life of a hijra

Akkai Padmashali is a hijra: a member of India's so-called "third sex." Born a boy, she lives her life as a woman - and fights for the rights of other hijras in Bangalore.

Report: Siri Bulusu

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A Jewish mayor for Sarajevo?

Jakob Finci wants to become mayor of Bosnia's predominantly Muslim capital, Sarajevo. The fact that he's a Jew doesn't seem to matter.

Report: Pavel Sraj

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Rapping for a new Tunisia

Ben Amor's music became the unofficial anthem of the Tunisian revolution. Today, he's still rapping... but his lyrics are very different.

Report: Naomi Scherbel-Ball

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Audios and videos on the topic