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On this week's show: Cyprus' stranded cash, Argentina's dirty war and Australia's stolen babies. Also: A crusading Cambodian politician, three US jail escapees, a West Papuan Independence leader and a group of rebellious Turkish musicians.

Produced by Neil King, Kate Laycock, Nancy Isenson and Christoph Groove


Cyprus' roller-coaster week

Fresh from the ATM queue, Nicosia-based reporter Nathan Morley looks back on a week which has left him, quite frankly, exhausted.

Interview with Nathan Morley in Cyprus

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With god and the resistance

A nun's tale of poverty and persecution during Argentina's so-called dirty war.

Report: Eilis O'Neill

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Australia's adoption trauma

Is Julia Gillard's apology enough to appease the victims of Australia's misguided adoption policies during the 1950s, 60s and 70s?

Interview with Isabel Andrews from the organization Adoption Jigsaw

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Cambodia's unlikely climber

Mu Sochua is Cambodia's foremost female politician, and an outspoken critic of the current political regime.

Report: Kyle James

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A song for independence

Benny Wenda's ongoing struggle for West Papuan independence through politics and music.

Report: Rachael Bongiorno

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Rebels to the last

Left-wing Turkish folk band Grup Yorum have 400 lawsuits to their name... and counting.

Report: Dorian Jones

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Escape from Alcatraz

The real-life story behind the legendary prison break-out.

Report: Mike Heath

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Audios and videos on the topic