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On this week's show: A Holocaust survivor in Slovakia, displaced musicians in Mali, an activist on trial in Egypt, a journalist imprisoned in Thailand, a First Nations activist in Canada and an underground electrician in Jamaica.

Production team: Neil King, Kate Laycock, Nancy Isenson, Camille Grayson and Christoph Groove.


Surviving Auschwitz

Edita Salamonova was 19 when she was loaded onto a cattle truck and sent to the most notorious of the Nazi concentration camps.

The silencing of Mali's musicians

Against the backdrop of war and insurgency, Mali's musicians struggle against censorship and persecution.

Report: Tamasin Ford

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On trial in the new Egypt

Hafsa Halawa is being prosecuted for her work with a US pro-democracy NGO in Cairo.

Report: Noel King

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The librarian of Bangkok prison

Elizabeth Cotton talks about her friend, imprisoned Thai magazine editor Somyot Prueksakasemsuk.

Interview: Neil King

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Taking on the loggers

First Nations activist Jacob Wawatie fights to save his ancestral lands from logging.

Report: Sian Griffiths

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The volcano next door

Properties in Hawaii can be pricey - but not if they're next to a volcano!

Report: Sandy Hausman

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The underground electrician

In Jamaica, electricity prices are so high that many people don't bother paying at all. Instead, they hire an electrician to "throw up" an illegal connection.

Report: Nick Davis

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Dancing in the dark

This is one party where it doesn't matter what you wear, since there will be strictly "No Lights, No Lycra."

Report: Charlotta Lomas

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