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On this week's show: A Kenyan journalist's narrow escape during the 2007 election riots, and the Bangladeshi blogger in hiding from his attackers. In the second half: Rebellion and reform in Argentinian Catholicism, Turkish parents speak up for gay children and Mali's Dogan people are under threat.

Produced by Neil King, Kate Laycock, Nancy Isenson and Kseniya Denchyk.


Election trauma in Kenya

Following the 2007 election, James Muhando went into hiding. His neighbors were all members of a rival tribe, and he feared that if he drew attention to himself, he might be killed.

Interview: Neil King and Kate Laycock

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Blogger in hiding

Atheist blogger Asif Mohiuddin is at the center of Bangladesh's Shebag protest movement. A few weeks ago, he narrowly escaped death when he was attacked by three men armed with knives and an axe.

Catholicism in Argentina

Out and about with the Argentinian priests who embrace poverty as a fundamental part of the Christian experience.

Report: Eilis O'Neill

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Turkish parents stand up for gay children

The parents of gay children are at the forefront of a new effort to combat homophobia in Turkey.

Report: Dorian Jones

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Mali's forgotten Dogon people

Mali's ancient Dogon people are faced with cultural extinction as a result of the recent turmoil in their country.

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