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On this week's show: The world's first South American pope, rebuilding Mali, 10 years since the invasion of Iraq and bringing music to South Africa's gangster youth.

Produced by: Kate Laycock, Neil King, Nancy Isenson and Jürgen Kuhn.


Argentina's pope

Who is the man now known as Pope Francis and how is he viewed in his native country?

Interview with Ed Stocker in Buenos Aires.

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Render unto Caesar

More Catholics live in the Philippines than almost anywhere else in the world. But does that give the Church the right to intervene in politics?

Report: Jason Strother.

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Mali in the making

What role can education play in Mali's future, and why did southern Mali look on as the North was ravaged by Islamist insurgents?

Interview with Prof. Djénéba Traoré of the West Africa Institute.

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Women of Iraq

Documenting the impact of the invasion of Iraq on the lives of ordinary women.

Report: Ashley Byrne.

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Diary of a war artist

In 2008, artist Xavier Pick spent several weeks embedded with British troops in Basra. Whilst he was there, he kept this audio-diary.

Audio-diary: Xavier Pick.

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Music to the rescue

South Africa's Field Band Academy is helping impoverished youngsters escape from a life of drugs and crime.

Report: Dagmar Wittek.

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Audios and videos on the topic