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World Stories - International Reporters

Collaborating with its premium international partners, World Stories features their best and most captivating stories. Journalists from around the world share their view of their home country and continent, their people, and their issues.

The magazine focuses on people and the interesting stories they have to tell. World Stories offers news, reports and portraits on all facets of life that give new insights on how things are done differently around the globe. It is widening horizons, for instance by showing how the city of Hong Kong plays an essential role in China's rapid economic growth, through the eyes of a local business entrepreneur.

Going backstage in Buenos Aires where artists have mounted a campaign to award next year's Nobel Peace Prize to the Argentine-Israeli conductor Daniel Barenboim for his work with young Arab and Israeli musicians.

Shedding light on the personal story of an oil driller in Nigeria to explain how the country is using two newly launched satellites for disaster monitoring and security amid fears of new terrorist attacks. Or by sharing how a popular Lebanese TV comedian is trying to bring drama therapy into local prisons, the only project of its kind in the Arab world.

Events in Asia have repercussions in South America and in Europe e.g. Reactions in the Arab world have knock-on effects in Africa and vice-versa. World Stories provides a comprehensive view on the relevant stories to be told: Premium content from premium partners as the world comes together.