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The power of positive messages

Most people would agree that protecting the environment is important. But, few would actually take action. Where do they begin anyway? Global warming is such an overwhelmingly complex problem that it seems impossible that the actions of one person could actually help combat species loss or climate change. The International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) plans to change that. The group is complementing its famous “Red List” of endangered species with a “Green List” that highlights exemplary work carried out in protected areas. The idea that positive messages can actually help drive conservation is the focus of our background article by Hilke Fischer. In our video report, Wolf Gebhardt actually visited one of the first places expected to make it on the Green List - a nature reserve on Lake Bogoria in Kenya. It’s home to Africa’s largest flamingo population and plenty of people who are trying to make a positive change.

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Colombia’s search for new species

A few dozen scientists in southern Colombia along the Amazon are on the look out for anything that crawls or flies or moves. From mammals to fish and plants, all species are being carefully documented by the researchers. The aim is to find new species and underline the biological significance of the region. At the same time, the World Wildlife Fund is working in the capital Bogota along with the national parks authorities to impress upon the government the pressing need to protect the Amazon region. It’s a transborder project funded by the German government’s International Climate Initiative (IKI). The aim is to preserve the world’s largest rainforest region across Ecuador, Peru and Brazil.