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The long path to peace in Kenya

Meandering 1000 km across the country, the Tana is the longest river in Kenya. It is also the source of some of the country’s most pressing problems. One relates to the hydro power stations, which generate two thirds of the country’s power needs, but drain water from the river. By the time it reaches the delta, there is nothing left but a trickle for humans, animals and agriculture. In her film, Ruth Krause looks at efforts being undertaken to bring energy companies, farmers and conservationists together to find a solution. But theirs is not the only conflict in Kenya. Euna Lhee writes about bloody inter-communal fighting triggered and fueled by falsehoods. Rumor police have stepped in to try and solve the problem.

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Stopping illegal animal traffickers in their tracks

When it comes to the illegal animal trade, Cambodia is something of a hotspot. Primarily driven by rising demand from China, the mafia-style business is booming. But private animal conservationists with the US organization, “Wildlife Alliance”, are working with the Cambodian police and forest authorities to buck the trend. The group’s Phnom Tamao Wildlife Sanctuary outside the Cambodian capital is home to some 1,200 animals including crocodiles, bears, elephants, tigers. There are a total of 1000 species there, all of which have been confiscated at customs.