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From fish and bananas to ethical bling

The Amazon Basin in eastern Peru is naturally rich in biodiversity, but deforestation and illegal gold mining operations are wreaking havoc on the eco-system. As land is cleared and toxins are flushed into the region's waterways, local populations are having to come up with alternative income solutions. In her film, Carolina Chimoy visits communities that are relying on fish and bananas to turn their fortunes around. As she discovers, environmental education is critical to success. Staying in Peru, our reporter, Ruby Russell, tackles the issue of ethical bling, looking at how nonprofit initiatives are working to bring the problems inherent in the informal gold mining sector to light.

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El Salvador/Honduras - Fighting for water

Home to the source of South America’s three largest rivers, the Trifinio region between El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala is critical to regional biodiversity and cross border water supply. But intensive land use and climate change have taken their toll on the regional eco-system and its reservoirs and left communities fighting for fair access to water.