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Getting creative to protect the planet

Coming up with measures to protect the environment is not always easy. But, it doesn’t necessarily have to be complicated either. Sometimes, a bit of creative thinking can go a long in preserving flora and fauna. This week, Global Ideas brings you a few inventive approaches. Jürgen Schneider’s report from the Democratic Republic of Congo shows that financial incentives can do wonders to help stop deforestation. That in turn helps preserve the habitat of the bonobo, an endangered great ape and one of humankind’s closest relatives. In our background article, writer Tamsin Walker reports on a few innovative initiatives such as chilli bombs and fences made of bee hives to reduce human-wildlife conflict around the world.

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Costa Rica - learning to save the planet

Costa Rica is still grappling with the environmental fallout of massive destruction of its rainforest in the 1980s. Back then, vast tracts of forest were cleared to make way for grazing land with huge cattle herds trampling the ground. Today, the country has changed its policies with efforts underway to replant trees and replenish the forest which is also seen as an important source source of eco-tourism revenue. Costa Rica also aims to become the first carbon-neutral country in the world. Whether that hugely ambitious goal will be realized is also decided on the campus of the Earth University. Here, students are experimenting with greener sources of energy and coming up with smarter ways to deal with waste. They’re also spreading their ideas and knowledge around the country.