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Sharing know-how secures farmland

Poor economic management and climate change have drastically changed the makeup of Georgia’s precious soil. But farmers are fighting to preserve it – with a little help from Germany.

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Project goals: Preserving soil and securing the future through sustainable farming and cooperation in all phases, from planting to selling

Project measures: Education and training, sustainable forest and agriculture management, regional cooperation

Project volume: up to 15 million euros ($19.3 million) until 2015

Climate change is destabilizing Georgia’s arable land: frequent rain and wind have eroded precious soil that has been compromised by decades of deforestation and overgrazing. As a result, the country is facing the threat of crop shortages, leaving many families with too little to eat. Now, an initiative to plant new trees and wind shields aims to protect crop fields and stabilize the soil with deep-seated roots. Georgian farmers are learning just how to do that from a team of German landowners who are sharing their expertise. They hope to generate healthy harvests and ensure there is enough to go around once again.

A film by Juri Rescheto

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