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Each week our Arts.21 reporters scour Germany's cultural scene and present you with a selection of their best finds.

RADAR: Jesper Munk

"Claim", Jesper Munk - new Album
This guy has got the blues! Jesper Munk might only be 22 years old - but boasts the whiskey soaked voice of a veteran musician. And you can get your fill of that voice on his freshly released second album "Claim". The German singer-songwriter began as a street musician. Then he conquered smaller venues with his own band and his dad on bass. The dressy blond writes and composes everything himself - the finest blues rock from a true craftsman. Music with character instead of bland pop. Jesper Munk is here to stay.

RADAR: Neil MacGregor

Neil MacGregor, Humboldt-Forum Berlin
It's hard to believe but this shell of a building will house Europe's most ambitious museum project - the Humboldt Forum. There are big plans here - a shop window of cultures and a laboratory for dialogue. And this is the man who is to put them into action. Neil MacGregor was the director of the British Museum in London. A recent exhibition he curated there set out to redefine the British perception of Germany. He's passionate about sharing his knowledge. His book "A History of the World in 100 Objects" was a bestseller. Sophisticstion and success are his trademarks. MacGregor is a rare universal talent and much in demand. And now Berlin is to benefit from his skills. He'll be breathing life into the Humboldt Forum concept before it opens in 2019.

RADAR: Charlotte Salomon

"Death and the Painter", Choreography: Bridget Breiner
The short life of the painter Charlotte Salomon is now the subject of a moving dramatization in Gelsenkirchen, North Rhine Westphalia. Salomon was Jewish. She was only 26 when the NAZIS murdered her in Ausschwitz. The ballet is based on the large body of 800 paintings she left behind. Shortly before she was deported, Charlotte Salomon turned over all her paintings to a friend and asked him to take care of them, saying this is my life. The dramatization brings her paintings to life. It shows how the NAZIS tore families apart - and the constant fear of death at that time. It's a all embracing art work- a synthesis of painting and dance - both powerful and poetic. A true Gesamtkunstwerk.

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