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Each week our Arts.21 reporters scour Germany's cultural scene and present you with a selection of their best finds.

RADAR: Cranach

In the Footsteps of Cranach, Anniversary Year
Lucas Cranach the Younger had a real eye for detail. His carefully composed paintings are among the most important works of the German Renaissance. This is the only self-portrait of the artist, who was born 500 years ago in Wittenberg. His famous father Lucas Cranach the Elder made numerous portraits of Martin Luther. This year his son is the center of attention. Cranach worked in his father's studio. Together they developed a process that's still used today: painting with stencils. Some 5,000 pictures were created in the workshop. Most had religious motifs. But there were also portraits of the rich and powerful. Twelve exhibitions across Germany mark the anniversary of Cranach's birth.

RADAR: Mozart in the Jungle

"Mozart in the Jungle", Producer: Amazon
Sex, drugs and classical music. "Mozart in the Jungle" is a series with a difference. It can only be streamed online. The ten-episode production focuses on an orchestra ... a new oboe player ... and the young, eccentric conductor Rodrigo, played by Gael Garcia Bernal. Love and betrayal backstage at the New York Symphony - the world of classical music is depicted as a hotbed of intrigue. It's the second series produced by the Internet giant Amazon. The first has just been awarded a Golden Globe. A new challenge to traditional TV.

RADAR: Pure Weber!

"The Marksman", Staatsoper Berlin
In Carl Maria von Weber's "The Marksman", Germany's forests are haunted by demons. The hunter Max makes a pact with the devil to help him out of a difficult situation. Max wants to marry his sweetheart, Agathe. But first he has to prove his marksmanship. But that turns out to be a little tricky. Director Michael Thalheimer has omitted entire dialogues to create a pared-down version of the opera that's performed against a stark backdrop. Soprano Anna Prohaska is superb as Agathe's coquettish cousin in this Berliner Staatsoper production. Thalheimer's The Marksman is a bold new interpretation of Weber's work.

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