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Each week our Arts.21 reporters scour Germany's cultural scene and present you with a selection of their best finds.

River of Fundament, Matthew Barney, Haus der Kunst München

American artist Matthew Barney's sculptures push the boundaries of comprehension. He melted 25 tons of iron to create a gigantic object, which resembles an ancient Egyptian hieroglyph. It's part of a bigger project called "River of Fundament" - which was seven years in the making. American car components are given modern era cult status. Barney's work was inspired by "Ancient Evenings", Norman Mailer's epic tale about ancient Egpyt which deals with mortality and reincarnation. Rough-edged, vast installations are reminiscent of ancient Egyptian death ships. Matthew Barney's latest work speaks of a yearning for timelessness.

The Berlin State of Mind, International Edition of ZEIT Magazin

"The Berlin State of Mind" is a new glossy magazine produced by the German weekly newspaper "Die Zeit". It's more than 220 pages long - and all in English, for an international audience. In this edition, young Berlin trendsetters display their style. A large chunk is devoted to the Chinese artist Ai Weiwei, who created a series of photos especially for the magazine. And Italian chef Antonio Guida talks about the art of cooking in Tuscany. There are also portraits of the French actress Juliette Binoche, the writer/film director/actress Miranda July, and the late actor Philip Seymour Hoffman. The magazine is now on sale all over the world, whether you're in New York, Dubai or Milan.

"Lover", im Kraftwerk Berlin

Love and struggle - the eternal story of humankind. Told in an artistic dialogue between east and west. Western classical choir music meets Chinese martial arts and percussion. Based on American and Chinese poetry, the performance is called "Lover". It features the Berlin Radio Choir and Taiwan's Utheatre. The venue, a former heating power station in Berlin, emphasizes the power of the performances. "Lover" is a successful experiment exploring intercultural dialogue and the universal theme of love.


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