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Each week our Arts.21 reporters scour Germany's cultural scene and present you with a selection of their best finds.

Maxim Gorki Theater, Berlin
A small Berlin theatre has landed a big coup! The Maxim Gorki Theater has been named Germany's Theater of the Year in its first season under Shermin Langhoff. She likes to experiment. The first Turkish-born woman to ever head a German municipal theatre focuses on immigrant viewpoints and a young audience. She brings to the stage those largely ignored by conventional theatre: people on the fringes, migrants and losers. Here the Russian aristocrats in Chekhov's "The Cherry Orchard" dress like Berlin's party crowd. It's theater holding up a mirror to society... Shermin Langhoff thinks in political terms. She believes theatre can impact on peoples' lives -- at least a little. Now, as Artistic Director of the Theatre of the Year, she'll be getting a lot more "Respect"!

RADAR: Duchess Anna Amalia Library

Duchess Anna Amalia Library, Weimar
In 2004 a fire destroyed much of Weimar's Duchess Anna Amalia Library. Considered one of the loveliest in Germany, its collection was priceless. Could this library and its literature really be gone forever? Now, ten years on, much has been done to repair the damage. The Green Palace with its famous Rococo Hall has been restored -- thanks to public funds and generous private donations. But it will take decades to repair or replace the 50-thousand books which were lost. And it will cost an estimated 70 Million euros. But the fire and the restoration efforts have had one unexpected benefit: they've made the Anna Amalia Library more beloved than ever.

RADAR: "A Most Wanted Man”

"A Most Wanted Man", Directed by: Anton Corbijn
Hamburg, a decade after 9/11. A Muslim man comes to the city, becomes involved in the Islamic community and is watched by secret services. Some of the organizers of the attacks on the World Trade Center lived in Hamburg. "A Most Wanted Man" is based on John le Carré's best-selling novel of the same name. The Hollywood movie features top German actors like Nina Hoss and Daniel Brühl. It shows the consequences of the attacks: the growing mistrust of Muslims and increasing surveillance. "A Most Wanted Man" -- an intelligent film that's closer to our present reality than we'd care to admit.

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