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Each week our Arts.21 reporters scour Germany's cultural scene and present you with a selection of their best finds.

RADAR: Béjart Ballet

Béjart Ballet, Deutsche Oper Berlin
Eroticism meets archaic savagery. The Rite of Spring and Bolero are among the most beautiful ballets choreographed by Maurice Béjart. The Béjart Ballet Lausanne upholds the tradition of the legendary artist, showcasing his work all over the world. Now they are in Berlin. The company performs key pieces with a power and emotion that is testimony to the aura of the choreographer who died in 2007.

RADAR: Udo Kier

"Arteholic", Director: Hermann Vaske
When it comes to eccentric roles, Hollywood actor Udo Kier keeps pace with the best of them. Now a new documentary turns the spotlight on Udo Kier the art freak, the collector, at home in studios and museums of Europe. He meets kindred spirits like artist Jonathan Meese or Rosemarie Trockel. He wanders through the art world in his socks, and makes phone calls to his dog. The lens is always trained on Udo Kier. As he travels, smokes, eats. It's something of an ego trip, often quite banal, but always entertaining. Photographed by Robert Mapplethorpe: Kier sometimes becomes an artwork. Wrapped, for example, in Christo style. And in the best moments of the film, we get to see through different eyes: His eyes!

RADAR: Jens Friebe

Jens Friebe, New Album
Plaintive lyrics are by Jens Friebe; he's considered the poet among German singer/songwriters. His latest album has a central theme: mourning and loss. Friebe presents himself as a dreamy verbal acrobat, a dandy. An intellectual full of self-irony. He's not just a good singer/songwriter, he's a guitarist, entertainer--and he writes books. Jens Freibe's brand of modern melancholy is hard to classify.

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