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Each week our Arts.21 reporters scour Germany's cultural scene and present you with a selection of their best finds.

RADAR: Nena's New Album

"Oldschool", Nena
Iconic singer Nena is back. Her latest album might be called "Oldschool", but its sound is fresh and new. It’s a mix of ballads and electronic beats of the kind that made Nena famous in the 1980s and 90s. "99 Luftballons", or "99 Red Balloons", was a smash hit that came to symbolize the New German Wave. Though she's 55 and already a grandmother, Nena still rocks! Her daughter and grandchild also appear in the video. "Oldschool" is proof that Nena is still young at heart.

RADAR: Monet and Impressionism

Monet and the Birth of Impressionism, Städel Museum Frankfurt/Main
The paintings of 19th century artist Claude Monet are still magic. He didn't simply want to paint pictures -- he aimed to capture feelings and moods. To celebrate the 200th anniversary of its founding, Frankfurt's Städel Museum is hosting the major exhibition: "Monet and the Birth of Impressionism". Born in Paris in 1840, Monet was a key figure in the movement. Around 90 of Monet's masterpieces are on display, alongside works by his contemporaries Edgar Degas and Renoir. They trace the movement's development. Many paintings are on loan from museums in Paris, New York and St. Petersburg. This opulent show is sure to be a crowd pleaser!

RADAR: Life Eternal

"Life Eternal", Director: Wolfgang Murnberger
Brenner's back! The Austrian anti-hero and ex-police detective is now a private eye. And in a spot of trouble. "Das ewige Leben" or ʺLife Eternalʺ is the fourth film adaptation of Austrian writer Wolf Haas' bestselling crime novels. It's now showing in German cinemas. It's a dark tale, full of black humor. This time, Simon Brenner returns to his roots: to Graz and the house he's inherited from his grandfather. But maybe that's not such a great idea... Old friends turned enemies and critical situations...Brenner survives them all. "Das ewige Leben" is black-hearted, pithy and absurd -- in other words, a typically Austrian thriller.

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