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This week on Pulse, we meet two young circus artists and a dancer/choreographer from Berlin. We hear from a talented hip hop artist who's found voice and we meet a young man who is breathing new life into a struggling Portuguese village.


Under the big top

Meet two promising young trapeze artists who have their sights set high - and who don't have to run away with the circus to make a career as successful acrobats.

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The rhythm of life

Berlin dancer and choreographer, Herman Heisig, is a bright new star in the world of contemporary dance. He chats about how he first started to perform and about his upcoming solo show.

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MisterME, myself and I

Micha Meissner, aka MisterME, is a talented hip hop artist with a unique sound and look. He explains how a shy teenager came to perform at concerts for thousands of people.

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Generation Change: Resuscitating a Portuguese ghost town

Francisco could have gotten a well-paying job in the city. But the young Portuguese academic decided to use his agricultural expertise to rejuvenate a local town suffering from economic decay.

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