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This week on Pulse: we meet committed young people who are working to realise their dreams in sport, music and film. We head to Cologne to meet young athletes at a sports boarding school and meet a Palestinian flautist studying in Germany. We get up close with up-and-coming German indie band Yesterday Shop and hear from the founders of a film festival in Colombia.


School of sport

Young athletes often struggle to achieve a balance between performing well both at school and on the sports field. And this is even more difficult when a sporting club calls with an offer, but the club is based hundreds of kilometres away from the youngster’s home. The solution? A sports boarding school.

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Music is my religion

Dalia Moukarker is a young Palestinian musician who found refuge from conflict in classical music. Growing up in the West Bank, she was often without a teacher or had to get permits to cross the Israeli Wall to have lessons in Jerusalem. Now, the twenty-year-old has won a place at a prestigious German music conservatorium.

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The indie heart of Berlin

Having just released their debut album, Berlin-based band Yesterday Shop are the rising stars of the indie scene. They make music which is sometimes melancholy, sometimes angry, and sometimes a bit gloomy. And they take inspiration from unusual places - like from French existentialist philosophers.

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Generation Change: Film and dialogue in Colombia

The city of Neiva in southern Colombia is better known for terrorist attacks, corruption cases and violence against women. But two young journalists wanted to change that. Seven years ago they founded the Cinexcusa Neiva Film Festival as an avenue to get people to engage with the social and political issues affecting them.

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