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In this week’s show, we go behind the scenes with the maker of the Youtube phenomenon "Shit Girls Say." We meet a young jewelry designer in Sarajevo. Berlin based singer-songwriter Matthias Brasch takes us on a flight of fancy and we find out the secrets to writing a bestseller.


Generation Change: Tackling racism with humor in NYC

Forget the "Shit Girls Say" Youtube meme. American comedian and actress Francesca Ramsay a.k.a. Chescaleigh's parody spanning a mere two minutes got over nine million hits. Infusing color and humor into the serious issue of race relations in America, she's encouraging others to speak out. Report: Rachael Bongiorno, New York City

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Launchpad: A labor of love in Sarajevo

Young Australian tourist Juliet Walker could not have anticipated how life would turn out when she traveled to Bosnia three years ago. Not only did she master a new language, but she also learned the ancient art of coppersmithy. Today a laundromat and café double as her workshop in the city. Interview: Pavel Sraj, Sarajevo

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The sky's the limit

A master storyteller with an imagination that knows no bounds, Matthias Brasch's music both surprises and soothes. His stage is not the concert arenas of the world before intoxicated masses, but in private living rooms where intimate connections are forged and happy memories linger. Report: Charlotta Lomas, Berlin

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How to write a bestseller

More than just pen to paper! Literary inspiration flows freely during the creative writing classes at Berlin's Free University where students benefit from the expertise of star authors from around the world. Among the cachet of great writers is American bestseller Andrew Sean Greer. Report: Bianca Schröder, presented by Kate Müser

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