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This week on Pulse, we visit Berlin, Nairobi and Kabul to meet artists and community volunteers who are working to improve their societies. Their tools are unusual: graffiti, skateboarding, and telephones.


Generation Change: Nairobi photographer inspires political activism

Nairobi photographer Boniface Mwangi is fed up with his country's politicians. To raise awareness, he's taking an in-your-face approach with a graffiti campaign, political art show and online newspaper.

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Making new worlds

German painter Marie Aly creates artworks which are dreams and visions for new worlds of new possibilities. Based in Berlin, she sells her work all over and has even received an award from Holland's Queen Beatrix.

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Taking a risk

Berlin-based NGO Skateistan uses skateboarding to encourage education and self-esteem among streetworking kids and teens in Kabul. Now, the young recruits are recovering from a recent tragedy.

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A lifeline

Growing up is hard for most teenagers as they come to terms with bullying, sexual orientation, relationships, and their parents. But thousands of German teens are turning to a Berlin helpline, which is also influencing the government's youth policies.

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