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This week on Pulse, we meet people who are seizing the day in the arts, business or volunteering. A young woman in Malaysia is building sustainable homes for a threatened indigenous community, while other entrepreneurs in Berlin are facing the ups and downs of startup ventures. And we meet two German artists with lots to say - one with a sultry voice, the other with a powerful story.


Generation Change: The gift of a home

Jayne saw that a community in Malaysia was living in unsafe homes. So she founded an organization that builds sustainable houses for the families. It's a lot more rewarding than her old advertising job, she says.

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Start me up

Working for a startup company sounds fun and sexy. But the reality can often mean unpaid work and a high rate of company failure. And here in Germany new employees are poorly paid.

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A book about Israel

Young German writer Sarah Diehl spoke with Israelis about identity and how they view their country. Then she wrote a novel about it with a bizarre title: "Eskimo Limon 9."

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A bright new star

Dillon, a German musician born in Brazil, sings beautiful ballads with soulful melodies and an electronic backing. DW caught up with her at an impressive live performance.

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