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Obesity is a growing problem among young people, so today we meet two sports entrepreneurs join us in the Pulse studio to explain how you can be fitter. We hear from two youths who've won the fight against obesity and a young man who's getting involved in another health problem altogether: Alzheimer's. We balance it all out with a highly caloric visit to a German Christmas market - in Chicago.


The growing waistline

Too much alcohol, TV and processed foods means Germany's youth are getting fat. We meet two young Berliners who have struggled with being overweight, but have managed to turn their lives around.

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Generation Change: Dignity in disease

Playing the piano, going for walks and doing household chores are what make Daniel in New York an everyday hero for Alzheimer's patient Byron O'Connell. Now he's making a film to encourage those dealing with the disease.

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A German Christmas abroad

During the holiday season, the Christkindlmarkt in Chicago offers a slice of Germany. At the annual Christmas market, visitors can sample traditional German foods and drinks.

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