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Whether it's your fulltime job, or an after-work hobby, getting on stage can be pretty rewarding. For Grace from Ireland, that means performing fringe theater in her spare time and for the Berlin-based band Berlinskibeat it's about creating the perfect blend of Balkan beats and techno pop. Berlinskibeat is the first of our unsigned band profiles to be featured on MySpace.


Eclectic Berlin beats

Seven-piece band Berlinskibeat are about as international as they come. They mix medieval sounds, a street music vibe and some danceable Balkan beats to create one of Berlin's most intriguing musical projects.

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From the fringe

Breaking the entertainment industry is increasingly tough, but a young Irish playwright is giving talented young actors a chance to shine. Through her unique brand of fringe theater, she's bringing original writing to fresh audiences.

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Living for help

Recent school reforms mean German universities are overflowing with new students and that's putting a squeeze on affordable accommodation. A project in Cologne pairs students with people who need help doing the shopping, cleaning up, or looking after kids - all in exchange for a room.

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Generation Change: Bahraini crosses class borders to help torture victims

As an upper-class Shia Muslim, Jihan Kazerooni was far removed from Bahrain's Arab Spring revolution. But when she learned of human rights abuses in her country, she founded a rehabilitation group for torture victims.

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