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German newcomer band The Secret Sits joins us in the Pulse studio for a live performance - and to share their secrets. We also meet the co-founders of a digital platform that brings artists closer to their fans and catch up with a youth mentor in Birmingham who uses music to help get her peers off the streets.


The Secret Sits opens up

We're joined in the studio by Julian Schneid, Milan Fey and Jakob Lebsanft from Cologne-based "art rock" band The Secret Sits. They explain their unique pop-meets-progressive rock sound, which they say is found in the contradictions.

Interview: Kate Müser and Helen Whittle

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Know your band

With so many different social media platforms, it's difficult for fans to keep track of their favorite bands. So Tobias Schiwek and Tim Klama decided to brave the German startup scene to bring artists closer to their fans. They call the result endore.me - a digital platform that gathers everything a groupie wants to know in one place.

Interview: Kate Müser

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Taking the Chinese challenge

With around 845 million native speakers, Chinese is the most widely spoken language on the planet. With the help of exchange tutors from China, more and more German students are not just learning English, French and Spanish. They're looking to future, thinking about job prospects - and signing up for Chinese classes. Presented by Ariane Galindo Gonzalez

Report: Nina Treude

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Generation Change: At home on the streets of Birmingham

Birmingham's youth got a bad wrap after the 2011 riots. Rochelle Roberts is determined to win back her generation's reputation. She mentors her peers who are trapped in drug-dealing and violence - but want to change.

Report: Ashley Byrne, Birmingham

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