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This week on Pulse, we get creative in the arts of folk music, fashion and filmmaking. We meet up-and-coming folk musician Hello Piedpiper and hear from a musician who teaches millions through his YouTube tutorials. We also meet a vintage sneaker collector and designer and hear from two young documentary filmmakers discussing their film about LGBT activists in Uganda.


A folk tale

Hello Pied Piper is a rising star of folk music, telling tales of friendship, freedom and protest. The singer-songwriter tours extensively around Germany, mixing his unique arrangements with his captivating voice.

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A work in progress

From make-up classes to dancing babies, there's almost nothing you can’t find on YouTube. And Klaus Kauker’s music tutorials "Musiktraining.de" are no exception. With millions of hits under his belt, he's teaching a new generation of young people the in-and-outs of music theory.

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If the shoe fits

While originally designed as sports shoes, Adidas sneakers are still hugely popular and in vogue. 29-year-old Quote is a German collector who even designed his very own shoe for Adidas.

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Generation Change: Gay rights film in Uganda

“Call me Kuchu” is a film about the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender - or LGBT - community in Uganda. It is a feature film by two 28-year-old filmmakers Katherine Fairfax-Wright and Malika Zouhali-Worrall and has already won several awards around the world.

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