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Whether theater, music or dance, art can change lives. This week on Pulse, two young German women are using dance to transform the lives of Kenyan prostitutes, while actors in Berlin take to the stage to speak out against arranged marriage. And the latest featured Unsigned band in our MySpace series hits a nerve with anyone who's ever been in love - and been left.


Launchpad: Breaking the artistic mould

When you think of an artist, the eccentric addict might come to mind. Jessica Twitchell in Cologne defies all the stereotypes - she's a young mom, lives on a tight schedule, and is committed to making it as an artist.

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The devil's in the detail

Love and heartbreak: Their themes are timeless but their sound is fresh. Berlin-based soul rock quartet Devil Named Jones draws on its members' multicultural backgrounds for an eclectic style.

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The many faces of love

Do we have a moral obligation to fight injustices in other cultures? A daring but timely Berlin theater production questions arranged marriage and makes a bold statement for women's rights - without pointing fingers.

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Generation Change: Dance empowers Kenyan prostitutes

Two young Germans believe dance can change lives and are bringing a holistic dance program to prostitutes in Kenya. They not only want to restore the women's self-confidence, but also meet their medical needs.

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