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Leipzig has been called the new Berlin and in our first installment of Pulse for 2013, we find out how much water that claim holds. But we also meet an entrepreneur and up-and-coming band who are upholding Berlin's title as the country's creative hub.


Germany's King of Cool?

With the increasing gentrification of Germany's once scruffy capital, Berlin, many young creatives are now heading to Leipzig. The eastern German city is enjoying a revival and is even being called the new Berlin. But can Berlin ever be dethroned?

Report: Sonya Diehn, Leipzig

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Generation Change: Photos for love

Hanoi-based photographer Maika candidly portrays homosexual love in an effort to encourage tolerance in Vietnam. The photo series has even been an opportunity for some gay couples to come out to their families.

Report: Robert Tofani, Hanoi, Presented: Andreas Grigo

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Free as an (Order)bird

Once upon a time, restaurant servers used pen and paper to take orders. But Berlin-based entrepreneur Jakob Schreyer had a better method and co-founded Orderbird, a start-up that transforms an iPad into an easy-to-use point-of-sale order system.

Interview: Michael Scaturro, Berlin

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Children of Berlin

Children are a low-fi indie band who met when they were…um…children. The three former schoolmates from Berlin have created a unique and melancholy sound, combining the best of indie and electronic music.

Report: Gavin Blackburn, Berlin

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