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These are the first words of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. In honor of Human Rights Day, we take a look at rights in Germany and abroad. We hear about an international youth human rights conference in Nuremberg and we go to a women’s shelter in Berlin. We also meet a Swedish-Kurdish rapper who is performing in refugee camps in Turkey.


Talking rights

The European Youth Conference on Human Rights took place in Nuremberg, where Nazi propaganda rallies and the post-war Nazi trials were held. The young people, from 16 countries, met to debate and find solutions to the biggest human rights issues in Europe.

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Schools without racism

When neo-Nazis started recruiting schoolchildren in Germany in the mid 1990s, the Schools without racism project was launched. Today, around 1,000 schools take part and their students are supported in fighting racism within their community.

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Fleeing arranged marriage

The right to marry freely is a fundamental human right. But arranged marriages are still common in Africa, the Middle East and Asia - and within certain elements of German society. Papatya is a women's shelter for Arab and Turkish girls fleeing from arranged marriages.

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Generation Change: Rapper brings hope to Kurdish refugees

With fighting increasing in recent months, more Kurds in Turkey are seeking refuge in temporary camps. But a 27-year-old Swedish-Kurd is making the people's lives there a bit more bearable - with his rap music.

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