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For the last edition of Pulse in 2012, we span a broad spectrum of genres and cultures for a look at some of the best songs, hottest newcomers, and most interesting projects in the music scene.


Meet Asaf Avidan

Celebrated Israeli folk-rocker Asaf Avidan chats about why he loves performing in Berlin, what inspires him, and how he first tried to stop the chart-topping "One Day" remix that boosted him to international fame.

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Generation Change: Brazilian hiphop artist promotes respect for women

Six out of 10 Brazilians know a woman who's experienced domestic violence, according to a recent survey. Hiphop artist André Luis Machados in Rio de Janeiro uses his music to get people to rethink violence against women.

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The coziest venue in town

In pubs and bars, the background noise can often drown out the band. So music fans started throwing gigs where the musicians get more respect - in their own apartments. The movement, called Sofar Sounds, is spreading around the world.

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Opera at home

Taking opera out of the concert hall, Hetna Regitze Bruun performs in a much more intimate space - in people's homes. She is part of a group that is taking opera and chanson off the big stage.

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Chupacabras in the house

Celebrating their 10-year anniversary, this genre-bending eight-piece Latin-funk band from Cologne is still making party music. But also isn’t afraid of making political statements.

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