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People and Politics - The Political Magazine

DW's political magazine supplies the stories behind the news: reports, analysis, in-depth background on political developments of the day.

PEOPLE & POLITICS presents the topics that Germany is talking about.

PEOPLE & POLITICS reports on the German parliament and government, outlines political standpoints and spotlights current moods. We ask questions: what impact does a new law have on people in Germany? What´s the best way to overhaul the welfare state? What´s the grassroots feeling in the political parties?

PEOPLE & POLITICS examines German foreign policy: how is Germany affected by international developments? What are Germany´s chances of securing a permanent seat on the UN Security Council? What kind of life do foreigners lead on German soil?

But PEOPLE & POLITICS has even more to offer: every week we ask you, the viewer, your opinion on a key issue. We report on the German viewpoint but we would also like to know what you think, and we round every programme off with viewers´ mail.

The editorial staff of PEOPLE & POLITICS are based right in the centre of Berlin, close up to parliament and the chancellory, and the programme is produced against the breathtaking backdrop of the parliamentary Reichstag building. The location displays our will to be well on top of important political decision-making.