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Opera Gala (pt. 2 of 2)

Music for a good cause: in our last Concert Hour, you heard part of the fourth annual Festive Opera Gala for the German AIDS Foundation. This hour, the continuation.

This benefit gala in Bonn was the 40th hosted by the German AIDS Foundation. Other such events regularly take place in Düsseldorf and Berlin. Only one percent of the Foundation's budget comes from the German government, the rest from sponsors, individual contributors and proceeds from art auctions and galas performances.

Prevention is one of the German AIDS Foundation's goals. That goes hand-in-hand with public awareness of the disease that is treatable but still not curable. Another objective is to help people in other countries, most importantly in southern Africa.

4. Bonner Operngala Karine Deshayes. Photo: Vincent Jacques

Karine Deshayes

Vincenzo Bellini (1801-1835)
NORMA – Casta diva
Maria Pia Piscitelli, soprano

Giacomo Puccini (1858-1924)
TOSCA – E lucevan le stele
Leonardo Caimi, tenor

Gaetano Donizetti (1797-1848)
DON PASQUALE – Quel guardo, il cavaliere … So anch'io la virtù magica
Omo Bello, soprano

Gioachino Rossini (1792-1868)
LA CENERENTOLA – Nacqui all'affano
Karine Deshayes, mezzo-soprano

4. Bonner Operngala Solist Mario Chang. Photo: Dario Acosta

Mario Chang

Pablo Sorozábal (1897-1988)
Mario Chang, tenor

Charles Gounod (1818-1893)
FAUST – Ah! Je ris de me voir si belle
Sumi Hwang, soprano

Johann Adolf Hasse (1699-1783)
TIGRANE – Solca il mar e nel periglio
Max Emanuel Cencic, countertenor

Giacomo Puccini
MADAMA BUTTERFLY – Un bel di vedremo
Manuela Uhl, soprano

4. Bonner Operngala Sumi Hwang. Photo: Thilo Beu

Sumi Hwang

Giuseppe Verdi (1813-1901)
LA TRAVIATA – Brindisi
all soloists

also performed by:
Bonn Theater Chorus
Beethoven Orchestra Bonn
Conductor: Stefan Blunier

Recorded by DW in the Bonn Opera on May 9, 2015

Rebroadcasting rights: unlimited

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