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DW Live

Global 3000 - The Globalization Program

Coming up at 10:00 UTC: Journal

Local UTC Tuesday, 02.09.2014
Global 3000

The Globalization Program

English How far will people go to earn a living? GLOBAL 3000 meets the migrant workers from Nepal who are risking their lives in Qatar. We also meet Jordan's most famous nurse and midwife.

The Globalization Program English



News English
Germany Today

Window on Germany

English Where is Bavaria's most beautiful alpine pasture? Honecker's bodyguard recalls his days of duty. A photographer moves to Hallig Gröde, a tiny island in the North Sea.

Window on Germany English
Documentaries and Reports

Olafur Eliasson

English Olafur Eliasson - Artist of the Impossible

Olafur Eliasson English



News English

Lifestyle Europe

English On today's Euromaxx: A real rock star's most important asset is stage presence - at least if you believe air guitarists. They were strutting their stuff at the world championships in Finland at the weekend. Also: This year's Venice Film Festival jury is chaired by a film composer for the first time a jury chairman. And: Euromaxx visits the Swiss city of Fribourg.

Lifestyle Europe English
Kick off!

The Bundesliga Highlights

English The season has begun - although some teams have yet to get going. "It’s early days”, Dortmund and others will no doubt be telling themselves. Meanwhile, after beating Wolfsburg last week, Bayern are out to claim their next big-name scalp. We talk to a coach making his debut in the Bundesliga - with a team looking to return to former glory.

The Bundesliga Highlights English