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Talking Germany - Walter Möbius, Doctor and Author

Coming up at 09:00 UTC: Journal

Local UTC Tuesday, 23.09.2014
Talking Germany

Walter Möbius, Doctor and Author

English Walter Möbius spent decades as head doctor at the Johanniter Hospital in Bonn. One of his patients was former Chancellor Helmut Kohl, who became a good friend. Now 77, he's retired but still a keen photographer. On Talking Germany, he talks about the lessons he learned from his years in the medical profession.

Walter Möbius, Doctor and Author English



News English
Kick off!

The Bundesliga Highlights

English "You can plan for fifty percent of a game - the rest is just luck," goalkeeping legend Olli Kahn once said. And who are we to argue with King Kahn? Well, we're Kick off! and we are putting fortune and planning to the test as the 2014-15 season enters its 4th round.

The Bundesliga Highlights English
Global 3000

The Globalization Program

English Life in poor remote mountainous regions of China is harsh. Farming is hard work, the yields are often meagre. Many villages have no running water or electricity. Many villagers hope for a better life in a big city. We meet a family which recently made the move.

The Globalization Program English



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Germany Today

Window on Germany

English On this edition: serving the masses at Munich's Oktoberfest; lifting the mood in classrooms through color; auctioning off unclaimed baggage; and filming a Lego movie with a one-man team.

Window on Germany English
Documentaries and Reports

For Elise

English For Elise - Beethoven's Bestseller

For Elise English