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Armed conflict has left the planet pock-marked and poisoned. Living Planet finds out about efforts to revive and protect the environment after the battle.

Produced and Presented by Saroja Coelho & Naomi Conrad


WWII bombs still threaten German seals

Hundreds of thousands of bombs dropped during WWII never actually detonated. And now they are buried in the soil, or tucked into riverbeds. Living Planet visits an offshore wind park, where old bombs are being discovered, as crews try to build new turbines.

Report by Julian Bohne

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Israeli army opens West Bank barrier for animals

The West Bank barrier is blocking animal migration between Israel and the Palestinian territories. But now, the Israeli Defence Force is seeking ways to allow animals to get over - or even through - the wall.

Report by Vanessa O'Brien

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Armenia replants trees lost in war

A territorial dispute in the late 80s and early 90s triggered a war between ethnic Azeris and Armenians. Azerbaijan and its ally Turkey imposed a complete blockade of energy imports and Armenians began to cut down trees for heat. Now, environmentalists are trying to replant the forests that were lost.

Report by Shant Shahrigian

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Traumatized veteran finds peace in British garden

Military veterans often struggle with war-zone memories long after their return from conflict areas. At the Gardening Leave project, former soldiers plant vegetables and tend to the flowers as they recover from war.

Report by Anja Kueppers

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