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Live blog on Ukraine

As the situation in eastern Ukraine heats up, DW looks at what people on the ground - reporters and residents - are saying. With the help of social media platforms, DW's editors put together a picture of the crisis.

The ongoing crisis in Ukraine is a trending topic on social media in Germany, Europe and around the world. But it's hard to get an accurate picture of what's really happening. Too many conflicting reports and rumors - and too much unverified information. With propaganda thrown into the equation, it's hard to know who to follow and who to believe.

DW's social media editors have curated a list of reporters, NGO's, human rights watchdogs and citizen bloggers to help provide a more comprehensive view of the situation in eastern Ukraine. Through Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and other available social media resources, we've put together a picture of what people are experiencing in Slovyansk. We admit they are subjective views and we cannot verify everything, but it is genuine and from people on the ground.

You can add your comments at the bottom of this page, or visit our Facebook page to join the discussion.

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