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ILA Berlin Air Show: A must-see for aviation fans

Berlin's ILA is one of the three most important aerospace trade fairs in the world. It's again showcasing everything from airliners to drones, bringing together civilian and defense aviation technologies.

About 125,000 trade visitors are expected at the five-day air show starting Tuesday on the outskirts of Berlin. Around 4,000 journalists from 70 countries will be there as well. The first three days are closed to the public, with only accredited industry professionals allowed in.

Berlin's ILA is once again an opportunity for aircraft and aerospace suppliers, buyers, pilots, and the public to get a first-hand look at an enormous range of aviation and aerospace technologies on offer from suppliers around the world. More than 1,200 exhibitors from 40 countries are taking part this year. It would be hard to think of some aspect of aviation not covered by the ILA.

Something for every taste

On display at the show are civilian and military aircraft, airliners and helicopters, UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles, or drones), fighter jets, and space satellites. Visitors can also see business jets, ultralights, sailplanes and every other type of recreational aircraft plus old-timer aircraft and cutting-edge prototypes.

The lowdown on high flyers

But many of these these machines will not merely be sitting around. Some of them will be roaring past. ILA includes a variety of air show fly-bys, including stunt planes, old-timers, and a variety of civilian and military aircraft.

A highlight this year will be the presentation of Airbus's new A350, the European aircraft maker's flagship long-haul airliner.

ILA also hosts various industry conferences related to aviation and aerospace, 60 in all this year. It even hosts career fairs for young people, and a kids program.

nz/hg (ILA, ots, dpa)

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