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Germany Today - Window on Germany

DW's Germany Today – Your Window on Germany, 12 Minutes Daily from Monday to Friday.

We will show you who the people of Germany are and how they live. Great images, interesting stories and strong emotions. Close to its subjects, Germany Today reflects the rich tapestry of life in modern Germany.

We'll show you how Germany thinks. Reports from all over the country: from the cities and rural regions, from the North Sea to the Alps, from the Rhine river to mountains in the east.

We'll show you what moves the people of Germany. What makes them happy, as well as what has them worried. What upsets them and what their dreams are.

We'll show how the country has changed over the years. In our “Flashback” section, you find out about what made the headlines then and now.

Germany Today – Your Window on Germany

Hard-hitting and human interest five times a week in English, German and Spanish.