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Firefighting Pin-Ups, Young "Poverty Detectives" and Twin Reverends


Hot Firefighters

The Bad Laer volunteer fire department can't afford a thermal imager to help rescue people trapped by smoke. A beefcake calendar could help earn the 7,000 euros needed to pay for the device. Fifteen firemen shed their gear to pose for it.

Poverty Detectives

One third of children in Berlin live below the poverty line. A family is considered poor when its income is less than half the national average. Now schoolchildren from a socially disadvantaged district have set out armed with cameras to find out what local people think and know about child poverty.

Priestly Twins

76 year old Alfred and Heribert Hausen are identical twins. They look alike, dress alike and have the same profession: priests. But that's where the similarities end. These doubly blessed brothers tell us about their lives.