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Foreign policy: thinking ahead

"What does the world expect of Germany?" Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier will discuss this question with international guests in a new series that DW will broadcast on TV and as a livestream on the Internet.

What does global change mean for German foreign affairs? Have we made the right choices? And are we using the right tools? These questions are part of a new discussion series of the German Foreign Ministry, called "Review 2014 – Thinking Ahead in Foreign Policy." Political, media and foundation experts from Germany and abroad will join the debate on Tuesday (20.05.2014)

Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier and his guests will focus on the various expectations of Germany's role in the world. The opening session is entitled: "What does the world expect of Germany?"

Media partner DW will broadcasts the conference live in German on TV in a special edition of Journal on DW (Europe) and DW (Asia) beginning at 9:30 CET. The discussion will also be broadcast as a livestream on the German language page of dw.de.

An exclusive DW interview with Foreign Minister Steinmeier will also be broadcast in English on Wednesday (21.05.2014) at UTC 00:15/ CET 02:15.