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Jan Delay

German musician Jan Phillip Eißfeldt alias Jan Delay became well known in Germany in the early 90s with rap group Absolute Beginner. He began his solo career 2000, trying out a variety of genres from hip hop, reggae, disco and funk to soul. His solo albums "Mercedes Dance” (2006) and "Wir Kinder vom Bahnhof Soul” (2009) reached the top of the German charts. Jan Delay appears on stage with his band Disko No.1.



Jan Delay - live at Festsaal Messe Basel (2011)

  1. Rave Against the Machine
  2. Türlich Türlich
  3. Large
  4. Medley 1
  5. Vergiftet
  6. Disko
  7. Feuer
  8. Oh Jonny
  9. Medley 2