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Euromaxx is as multi-facetted as Europe itself: an entertaining kaleidoscope of people and places, arts and culture, concerts, music, style, fashion and much more. All this packed into a compact 26 minute show.

Euromaxx has regular features and series: Euromaxx deluxe takes you into the homes of creative people across the continent. Euromaxx á la carte whets appetites with culinary treats from around Europe. Euromaxx city takes you on tours of Europe’s most exciting metropolises.

Euromaxx - Lifestyle Europe is hosted by Karin Helmstaedt and Louise Houghton, two experienced TV presenters with proven journalistic abilities.

Euromaxx has already won numerous international prizes including the Hotbird TV Award, top honours at the New York Festivals and the Worldfest in Houston. It also received an award at the WorldMediaFestival in Hamburg and its Euromaxx city reports won the Golden City Gate Award. The show’s studio and graphic design have also garnered prizes.

Euromaxx is the first TV magazine program to report on European events 365 days a year. Germany's international television service presents today's Germany within the context of the ongoing process of European integration, continuing to emphasize the nation's important role as mediator in international and intercultural dialogue. DW is the only international broadcaster to provide this strong focus on German and European topics.

DW can be received directly via satellite by more than 200 million households around the world. Hundreds of TV stations rebroadcast DW programming. Twenty-two million viewers tune in on a weekly basis. Euromaxx continues DW‘s commitment to quality content and strengthens its unique position in the international media market: DW -- at the heart of Europe.