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Concert Hour: Heidelberg Spring (Pt. 2 of 2)

More on this week's show from the Heidelberg Spring festival, featuring long-time collaborators Jörg Widmann and the Irish Chamber Orchestra with Mendelssohn's Scottish Symphony.

We sampled the fruits of conductor and clarinetist Jörg Widmann's long-standing collaboration with the Irish Chamber Orchestra in last week's show. There's more of that creative partnership on the way his time, with Mendelssohn's "Scottish Symphony."

The performance comes once more from their concert together at the 2014 Heidelberg Spring festival. Malachy Richardson is a double bass player with the Irish ensemble, who says he always noticed a difference between the audiences at home and at major events in continental Europe: "Anytime we play in any of these big European countries, we get a sense of, frankly, a deeper understanding of what we're doing than we tend to get at home. And that's not really a criticism of Irish culture. It's just a fact that this culture here - classical music culture here - is older than it is in Ireland."

The work at the core of the broadcast is also a sort of bridge between Great Britain and Germany. Mendelssohn began conceptualizing the work in the summer of 1829, having embarked on his first major tour of England. He wowed concert-goers in London and Scotland, where he stayed several months relaxing and studying in a castle that inspired his Symphony No. 3.

Robert Schumann (1810-1856)
Three Fantasies for clarinet and piano, op. 73 (excerpt)

Jörg Widmann, clarinet
Lars Vogt, piano

Cavi Music / 15080

Felix Mendelssohn (1809-1847)
Symphony No. 3 in A Minor, op. 56 (Scottish)

Irish Chamber Orchestra
Conductor: Jörg Widmann

Recorded by DeutschlandRadio Kultur (DLR) in the Heidelberg City Hall on April 6, 2014

Rebroadcasting rights: One broadcast before July 17, 2015

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