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Concert Hour: Celebrating Strauss in Cologne (Pt. 2 of 2)

"Others compose; I make music history," Richard Strauss once said. This year, the 150th anniversary of his birth, proves he was right as concert halls around the world celebrate the composer.

Andris Nelsons

Andris Nelsons

There's more from Richard Strauss this week in the composer's anniversary year, but we'll move away from the philosophical work, Thus Spake Zarathustra, heard in last's week show and toward the everyday in Strauss' Sinfonia Domestica (Domestic Symphony). The symphonic poem draws its inspiration from a day in the life of a young composer, his wife and their baby boy.

Conductor Andris Nelsons shares his thoughts on Strauss and the Sinfonia Domestica in the program, telling us, "Many people often say it's a bit naive and crazy piece, it's too direct. But actually it's great that somebody has composed a symphony about the most important thing in life: family."

Rounding out the hour is a brief selection from the violin concerto featuring violinist, Baiba Skride, that we heard in last week's program, playing together with the West German Radio Symphony Orchestra under Andris Nelsons - the same orchestra that performs the Sinfonia Domestica.

Richard Strauss (1864-1949)
Sinfonia Domestica (Domestic Symphony) in F Major, op. 53
Violin concerto in D Minor, op. 8, 1st movement (excerpt)

Baiba Skride, violin
West German Radio Symphony Orchestra

Conductor: Andris Nelsons

Recorded by West German Radio, Cologne (WDR) in the Cologne Philharmonie on June 6-7, 2014

Rebroadcasting rights: One broadcast before October 5, 2015

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