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A genius turns 200: Richard Wagner! That's an occasion for a trip through the Wagnerian cosmos, this time stopping in St. Petersburg. A German-Iranian author receives the Kleist Prize and the world’s oldest photograph goes on display in a museum. Also: a winner has been picked for the International Highrise Award.


Out of Bayreuth, Part 1

Richard Wagner turns 200. In the series Out of Bayreuth our reporters visit Wagner, from Beijing to Buenos Aires, Ohio to Venice. How is Wagner being performed around the world today? Part 1 takes us to St. Petersburg.

Kleist Prize for Navid Kermani

Germany’s Heinrich von Kleist Prize honors forward-thinking writers. Navid Kermani, author and Islam expert is a wanderer between worlds, a builder of bridges between the West and Islam, between religion and society. On November 18 he will receive the Kleist Prize in Berlin.

The World's First Photograph

Today we see digital pictures wherever we turn. But how did it all start? An exhibition in the Reiss-Engelhorn Museum in Mannheim examines the history of photography. Among the highlights of two centuries of photography is a small sensation: the first photograph ever, taken by Joseph Nicephore Niépce in 1826.

International Highrise Award

Five projects are the finalists in the competition for the world’s best highrise. The building must be pioneering, functional, sustainable, innovative - and economical. The focus in 2012 was on residential multi-storey buildings in the Asia-Pacific region and in North America.

The International Highrise Award is one of the most important prizes for tall buildings of least 100 meters - and we’ll be reporting the winner.

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Discoveries of the Week

Detected by our RADAR

  • Handel on Sale – A production in Zurich uses Handel arias in a clearance sale
  • Notable Architecture – As the Architecture Biennale draws to a close in Venice, here are the highlights
  • The Big Top – A new book, “Manege Frei!”, is an illustrated cultural history of the circus