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Arts.21 10.11.12 | 21:30 - 22:00 UTC

Deutschland Verstehen

A genius turns 200! Richard Wagner. Our new series is a journey around the world on the trail of the composer. Also on the show: a book to help you understand Germany, not without a giggle or two; a Nigerian woman who makes animated films in Berlin; and an artist who goes berserk.


Out of Bayreuth

2013 brings the bicentenary of Richard Wagner's birth. In our series Out of Bayreuth, reporters explore the entire Wagner cosmos. From St Petersburg via Beijing to Buenos Aires and Venice, they show how Wagner's works are staged around the world. Episode 1: Who is Wagner - and what is the secret behind his success?

Deutschland Verstehen

Deutschland Verstehen is a lavishly designed book to peruse, enjoy and learn from. Humorous infographics finally answer the question of what makes Germans tick. From Prussians and potatoes to East and West Germany, Goethe and the Love Parade - it's a two-kilo tome about what Germans love - and fear.

Home from Home for a Nigerian Animation Artist

Nigerian painter and animator Ebele Okoye has been living in Berlin for four years, and she's already made a film about her new home. Now she wants to promote young animation artists in Nigeria - and popularize animated films there.

Wild at Art

Julius von Bismarck is an artist and inventor, and quite an anarchist. For his works, a mixture of art, technology and science, he literally whips mountains and oceans, dyes pigeons and turns Mao into a peace activist. Amazingly weird and amazingly good.

The Week's Discoveries

Detected on our RADAR

  • euro-scene leipzig - A festival of European contemporary theatre
  • After the Battle - An Egyptian film that competed in Cannes at an Arab film festival in Berlin
  • Evoking Nature - The painter David Hockney in Cologne's Museum Ludwig