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AfricaLink – an in-depth look at the stories moving Africa

AfricaLink is a 25-minute radio program for and about Africa, broadcast live from the DW studios in Bonn every weekday. Since its launch in October 2011, it has steadily gained new listeners and partner stations.

Each edition of AfricaLink kicks off with the Top Story of the day – an in-depth look at the stories making headlines across the African continent. Our network of more than 25 correspondents from Ethiopia to South Africa deliver the stories that matter. They provide balance and authenticity and their reports are complemented by interviews with analysts and newsmakers to keep you fully informed about what is happening and why.

In addition to current affairs reporting, AfricaLink regularly airs background features from correspondents across the continent. Every day has a different focus.

Africa on the Move: Africa is a rising giant. To find out what and who is moving countries forward, tune in for in-depth reports on development and business.

Making a Difference: Artists who take care of street children, marriage counsellors who provide help free of charge to poor couples or a volunteer who makes sure school kids cross busy highways safely - we meet the people who are changing life in Africa for the better.

Behind the Headlines: Groundbreaking analysis and in-depth interviews about stories that have been making headlines in African media.

Opinion: Commentaries by Deutsche Welle staff and our Question of the Week, which gives you the chance to tell us what you think about the issues we cover.

Human Rights: Prisoners enduring dire conditions, the plight of people living with disability, journalists behind bars – AfricaLink gives a voice to the victims of human rights violations and the people working to help them.

Learning by Ear/Crossroads Generation: A new series of DW’s award-winning educational program for young listeners across Africa. The year-long radio soap follows the fortunes of a group of young Africans from different backgrounds and the often difficult decisions they face

Your Say: This is the spot where our listeners and users take over! We present a sample of comments about the stories we’ve been covering in AfricaLink and online (dw.de/Africa). You can write to us at feedback.africa@dw.de or send a text message to +49-160-9575-9510.

Or send a letter to AfricaLink, Deutsche Welle, 53110 Bonn, Germany. All comments and suggestions are welcome!

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