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Israel to 'destroy all tunnels'

OSCE monitors reach crash site

Ebola Sierra Leone Ärzte ohne Grenzen

Sierra Leone in Ebola emergency

Britain opens Litvinenko inquiry

Black smoke billows from a fuel storage depot near the airport in Tripoli, Libya, 28 July 2014, after it was hit by rocket fire. The Libyan government called on rival militias to stop fighting around the Tripoli airport to allow civil defence forces to put out a fire that broke out in oil tankers there. The fire broke out in the tankers when a rocket hit a container containing 6.6 million litres of fuel, al-Wasat news website reported. Overall, the tankers in the warehouse contain 90 million litres of fuel. EPA/STR +++(c) dpa - Bildfunk+++

Foreigners flee Libya

Erdrutsch Indien Malin Unwetter

Indian mudslide search continues

Turks cast ballots in Germany

Symbolbild - argentinischer Peso

Argentine default looms

Bildergalerie Grüne Woche Polnisch

Eating apples to spite Russia