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LADEE and the moon

Craft hits moon intentionally

Südkorea Fährunglück Kapitän Lee Jun-Seok

Captain defends evacuation delay

Ukraine Donetsk Separatisten Besetzer

US increases pressure on Moscow

Hamid Abutalebi Iran UNO Botschafter

New US law blocks Iran envoy

Pope in Rome

Pope takes aim at social injustice

Nigeria Soldiers

Rising concern for abducted girls

Südsudan UN-Camp in Bor

South Sudan UN attack

Bouteflika votes

Algerian incumbent wins

Edward Snowden / USA / Bildschirme / NSA

Snowden sticks by Putin question

Wort der Woche Wackeldackel

Word of the week

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The band EINSHOCH6 at the East Side Gallery in Berlin, Photo: DW

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